What Was She Thinking!

O.k., let me start by saying that I'm all for self-expression, edginess and all of that good stuff in what ever form a person chooses, but I was totally taken aback by this picture of Jada Pinkett Smith from the BET Awards. Usually the picture of chic elegance, I just stared at it in disbelief. I know that we, as women, often tire of the same look and like to try different things, but this one, I just can't wrap my mind around! There are a few pictures of her floating around out there where she has taken "a walk on the wild side," but this is far and beyond anything that I've ever seen. It's not my intent to lash out at Jada, as she is one of my absolute favorite celebrities. Not only is she multi-talented, but she is one of the MOST intelligent women, which in itself can sometimes be a rarity among celebrities. That said, I guess I'm more disappointed than anything else. The hair (I have nothing against braids) was cheesy to say the least. I guess I can just sum it up by saying, "hated it!" My hope is that this was just a temporary lapse in judgement and that the, well coiffed and beautifully turned out Jada will return soon.