Fab Find!

Yesterday afternoon I headed out in search of a new bag; I wanted something unique, a little funky and one that I could carry year round. I started out at one of the best places for bags, T.J. Maxx. While I found several that I liked among the B. Makowsky and Italian designs, none fit the bill. Off I go to Marshalls....there it was, hanging on the first row at the top; The search was over! It's Christian Audiger's "Versailles" bag. I paid the $79.99 plus tax for it and headed to the car to make the bag switch. The pictures really don't do it justice, although they're better than the ones that I took; it was hard to for me to get a good photograph so that you could really see the detail. What really caught my eye is the gold hardware. The insignia below the zipper is CA with a crown above it (which is also stamped on the bag) and all is accented with vibrant rhinestones. The front flap pocket has a "squeeze lock" which also bears his name, as well as the crown. I love the fact that it has the flap pocket in front, the zip pocket in back and is roomy on the inside. It's the perfect "travel bag." It's sturdy design is really practical, as it holds all of my stuff without being too heavy. Hanging behind the Versailles was the "Fawn" bowler bag which is shown in the last picture. It had a price tag of either $99.99 or $119.99....I forget which, because I merely glanced at it. I really don't care for it and feel that I bought the better looking of the two. When I arrived home, I headed for the computer, as I always do, to see how much I saved on my purchase. I found both on designersimports.com....my bag for $99 with a retail of $279 and the fawn bag for the same price, with a retail of $249. As you can tell, I'm excited about my purchase.....I plan to get a great deal of wear out of it! The pictures of the Versailles were taken from streetmoda.com and the one of Fawn was taken from designersimports.com.