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I initially heard about this site some months ago, and meant to check it out, but didn't until last night. In addition to their designer Tuesdays, I love the fact that you can buy, and sell items with relative ease. Unlike Ebay, the I-Ella fee is a flat 10% of what you sell, and on top of that, 10% of that amount in donated to a charity of your choosing....I love that! You also have the option of lending or swapping an item. In addition, you're allowed to sell any handmade items, vintage and more. Hats off to I-Ella!

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Tory's Statements

Featured are few bold pieces from Tory Burch.


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Erin Fee by Angelo D' Agostino for Fashion Gone Rogue


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Scene In The HotHouse

More than 20 brands have jazzed up MI Milano Prêt-à-porter’s HotHouse, the area devoted to research and scouting.

Sylvio Gardina





Ludovico Loffreda

Licia Florio

Benedetta Bruzziches


Gaetano Perrone


Suzanne Susceptible

Meme T'aime

Maiden Art

Brenda Ford


Fabric Division




Nicholas Julitta


More than 20 brands have jazzed up MI Milano Prêt-à-porter’s HotHouse, the area devoted to research and scouting. "Since last year, the number has increased – said Andrea Batilla, creative director of MI Milano Prêt-à-porter – The talents here on display also sell, meaning they can mix creativity, wearability and business potentialities".

The works by the Collisions project – aiming at connecting young creative talents with companies through the creation of mini capsule collections – will then be displayed within HotHouse. Batilla adds: "We are glad that among the brands currently present at HotHouse there is, for example, Smaarteez, the line designed by Marta Forghieri and produced by the company Beatrice B. By Plissé, that last year played a major role in collaborating with the designer.

 It is time for the companies to realize that there are young people able to devote themselves not only to creative but also to business projects. Our future goal is to transform HotHouse in a fair of its own right and to open a project abroad: this year we had as guest designer Victoria Bartlett." We have asked to every designer participating in HotHouse to show us their must-have item, the most iconic one of their style.


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Tyra Banks Presents Curvy Girls

In the star’s new programme, curvy girls parade on the catwalk to win a contract with Whilelmina’s W Curve agency

Tyra Banks is to present a new programme which, for the first time in the history of TV, will see curvy girls between 13 and 19 years old compete on the catwalk. After the controversy surrounding the excessive thinness of Ann Ward, who won the next to last America’s Next Top Model, our curvy black icon will attempt to launch a new ideal of curvy beauty – one that we’re big fans of too – on American screens.

The TV schedules have recently given us different sitcoms that address – often with too much irony – the idea of freeing ourselves from the size 0 conception of beauty. However, we’re particularly pleased to note this revolutionary, innovative move of Tyra’s, which will bring beautiful, curvy girls onto the catwalk.

Jon Ilani is to present the programme alongside the black star. He’s the head of W Curve, the plus size model department of the Wilhelmina agency, which will present the winner with an attractive contract. “Ladies, grab a camera, keep it Fiercely Real, and don’t forget to smise”.


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European Chic

A few Looks from the first day of Paris Fashion Week

This mix of prints is amazing!


Love that "burst" of yellow!

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