Karen Elson for Marie Claire

Going from model to musician: “I was terrified! But he [husband Jack White] put me on the line and said, 'If you want to do this, you have to be willing to take the risk that people won't like it.'"

On age: "It's taken me to my 30s to feel relaxed and comfortable in my skin. I think I'm going to be dancing on tables when I'm 50. I really hope I am.”

On fashion: “I just love vintage. I have far too many vintage dresses.”

On family: “Jack is doing his thing, and I'm doing my thing. We ask each other's opinions, but there has to be a line that separates what I do from what he does and our family from all of that as well.”

On being a ‘freak’: "Ultimately I've learned to pride myself on being quirky. I very much adore people who are outcasts, and I've always loved to be around interesting, circus-type people."

Photos: Simon Burstall


This redhaired beauty is proving that she is far more than just a face. I like the idea of exploring all aspects of oneself. Who says that any of us has to be defined by just one thing. Life after all, is about discovering all the many facets that makes us uniquely individual. Oh, and the clothes are fabulous too!