"Singular Sensations"

Browsing through shopstyle.com, I ran across some beautiful and reasonably priced pieces. That gorgeous necklace from Express is just $148.....definitely a standout piece! Bebe's feather necklace is another "perfect statement," and it retails for $65.....such detail! This is actually my first time seeing the Kardashian jewelry (I don't know how I could have missed it, because I'm sure there was much fanfare surrounding it's launch), and I really love their offerings. The designs have that kind of "medieval" vibe.....very unique. Mod Cloth's River rapids necklace is $15.99 and the Romanova ring is $10.99...both look much more expensive. And that Fiona Paxton, she can do no wrong, as the beautiful pieces just keep coming! The Roarke fringe necklace is another "piece of spectacular," with the bold colors of a scarf, and the look of a collar. I'll just say it, they're all fabulous!

Bebe (bebe.com)

Kardashian Collection

Kardashian Collection
Fiona Paxton (from here up: shopkitson.com)

Roarke (kirnazabete.com)

White House Black Market (whitehouseblackmarket.com)



Asos (from here up: asos.com)

Fiona Paxton

Fiona Paxton (both items: shopkitson.com)

River Rapids
Romanova (this and item above: modcloth.com)

Robert Rose (dillards.com)

Yochi (maxandchloe.com)

Chicos (chicos.com)


Spring Street Design Group (nordstrom.com)