"Gilding the Lily"

From left: Monogram bijou clutch, Louis Vuitton ($3,680). 205 S. Mill St.; louisvuitton.com. Whipstitch platform heels, Devi Kroell ($1,990). Saks Fifth Avenue, Cherry Creek, 3000 E. 1st Ave., Denver; saks.com. Filaments necklace, H.Stern ($12,100). Meridian Jewelers, 525 E. Cooper Ave.; meridianjewelers.com



Perfectly golden! I think that it's so very tragic that Devi Kroell left the company that bears her name; I'm sure it had to be something insurmountable to cause her departure. Whatever the circumstances, my hope is that she will be able to "re-invent" herself and continue designing the fabulous shoes and bags that have become her synonymous with her name.