Watches: "A Conscious Message"

Red8World—the newest watch brand on the market—has something to say. Conceived of and developed by watch veteran Christian Bédat (who is behind the brand that bears his name), Red8World watches are designed to communicate philosophical concepts like interracial harmony, love and eco-consciousness—all depicted via interlinked words written on each watch’s bezel.

The six different messages come in different color combinations of case, bezel and dial. One watch features the words EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA and AMERICA; another shows BLACK, YELLOW, WHITE and RED8. Other bezels feature PEACE, LOVE, BOY, GIRL; OX, TIGER, HARE, DRAGON; BROWN, GREEN, PLANET, EARTH; and NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST. Hoping to create a cultlike following, Bédat priced the watches reasonably ($880). The caseback is engraved with the words DESIGNED ON EARTH, PRODUCED IN ASIA.

“Basically I’m saying, Who gives a damn where it is designed?” says Bédat. “The fact is it’s a global watch. The movement is Japanese, it’s produced in China, the website is designed in Korea and it’s shipped out of Switzerland, where I live.”

Details include 42mm round stainless steel or PVD (black, gray, brown) cases, interchangeable rubber straps and Japanese-made, self-winding, eco-auto-quartz “I-matic” movements, which require no replacement batteries.


I love Christian's design concept...Why not look fashionable and convey a positive message at the same time!