"THE Gladiator Sandal"

O.k., so I'm browsing the internet looking for the "ultimate," knee high gladiator sandal, when I run across this fabulous pair by Jean Paul Gaultier, on zappos.com. In my opinion, this is the gladiator to end all gladiators! This is the type of shoe that I would wear at EVERY opportunity, pretty much building my wardrobe around them! Well, there's just one problem, they're $1,399! I'm actually not surprised by the price, as far as quality, craftsmanship and designer names go, but wow! For that price, I'd probably sleep in them too. (lol!) I'm even looking at them from a gift standpoint (my birthday is next month), but I don't think that I'll get any takers. Well, I guess I'll just have to love them from afar!