Style from the Streets of Brooklyn

Some of the ladies are keeping cool as they attend a street festival. Colorful dresses abound, along with the perennial white. All are casually chic as they "showcase" their individual style.

The article stated that she's wearing a J. Crew skirt; she looks as though she just stepped out of one of their ads.

I love the purple dress and those earrings!

This is another great dress....she is definitely a "do."

Nice, bold print.....I like that!

Her sandals add instant pizazz to a simple dress.

She exudes "style confidence" just by her stance alone. It's apparent that she does fashion on her own terms.

Very chic.....I love the no fuss hair.

This look dispels the thought, that a fitted top is best with this type of skirt.....the addition of this top actually makes it look a bit like a layered dress; I like it.