Harem Pants Found!

For the longest, I've been obsessed with finding a particular style of harem pants. I bought a pair last summer with the elastic ankle; I've decided that I don't like those anymore. I wanted specifically, the "covertible" type that you could wear as a jumpsuit or harem pants, to enjoy a bit more versatility (I can see wearing them year round; I envision how great they will look in the fall with a leather jacket). I did find them at a "trendy" store in my area, but they had some gaudy, swirl design on the right leg....I still don't understand that! Anyway, I took to the internet yet again for a cute, yet affordable pair, and low and behold, there they were on freepeople.com! I somehow missed them in my past searches. They are marked down to $29.95 from $78, which makes them a really sweet deal. I immediately ordered them and am anxiously awaiting their arrival! The picture below is taken from the Free People website, as those the exact ones that I ordered. I must admit, I don't like the way that they look in the picture with the top tucked in.....I prefer a fitted tank with a belt. I also plan to add the belt when wearing them as a jumpsuit. There were over 30 reviews on their site about them and all that I read were favorable....I can hardly wait to get them!