That Bargain Time of Year

Ah Yes, late June, July, and August are some of my favorite months to snap up Great bargains....specifically summer items. Somehow I find myself without enough of those casual items to wear to a picnic, the lake, or outdoor concert. I don't know how it happens, because I always feel as though I'm buying the things that I need.

Anyhoo, my search for summer bargains is in full swing! Yesterday I happened into Old Navy and picked up that henley for $4.99, along with a utility jacket (perfect for fall!) similar to the one featured, for $5.97. (I've misplaced the plug in for my digital camera, so I can't download the actual items darn it!) I also popped into Target and picked up those Dolce Vita for Target sandals for $12.49. I've been watching them for quite some time, but couldn't make up my mind if I really wanted them, but after trying them on, and finding them for $12.49, that did it!

Thanks to my niece, I'm a new fan of the store Rue 21. I love their fun pieces and accessories to mix with other wardrobe items. As a matter of fact, I picked up the purse in picture four for $7.49. I like buying trendier things from stores such that, so when that particular trend is gone, I haven't invested a great deal.

So, as the stores markdown to make way for the fall arrivals, I'll be there!

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