Puttin' On The Glitz: Glitter Rings

Karen Webster, President and Co-Founder of Glitterrings just launched jewelry line last month exemplifying more than 30 years of expertise in the fashion jewelry industry. Glitterrings redefines glamour, elegance and luxury by introducing to us exceptional designs, quality and price. So here at Jones, we got a chance to talk to Karen Webster on her jewelry line,being in the fashion industry and celebrity collaboration.

1.Where are you from and did that inspire your jewelry style?

I am from NY and have always been interested in fashion. I started sewing my own clothes when I was 12 years old, and then pursued Fashion Design at Cornell University. That experienced really helped to drive my passion to create interesting and beautiful things.

2.How did you come about making jewelry?

I started in the jewelry industry in 1990 as an assistant buyer in Costume Jewelry for Hecht Co., a Washington DC based division of the late May Co. I was always the buyer that was looking for something different and pushing my vendors to develop new finishes, colors and styles that I could turn into bestselling looks that would maximize our sales. After several years, that “pushing” was noted when one of my vendors was looking for a product manager for BIJOUX GIVENCHY brand jewelry and tapped me for the position. That position gave me the opportunity to travel the Asia where we enjoyed a strong business and, of course, to Paris, France to see the amazing runway shows and work with the creative GIVENCHY team there.

3.What year did you launch your line/where are you based?

GLITTERRINGS just launched in May of 2011. We have a NY city showroom which also serves as the office for Sales, Marketing, PR, Design and Product Development. Our main office in CA handles all of administrative and shipping operations.

4.How long have you been in the Fashion Industry?

I have been working in the fashion industry, for 27 years, since 1984 when I took my first job as an assistant manager at Plymouth Shops (Career Fashions for Women) in Washington DC. I spent 6 years in retail sales management at various companies which gave me an advantage as I moved into the buying office where my experiences gave me a unique perspective on buying product assortments and executing presentations at point of sale. In turn my buying experience gave me another advantage as I moved into the wholesale/manufacturing world, as I had a keen understanding of what would sell in terms of style and price, and on how concepts would execute on the sales floor. On the manufacturing side I gained a world of knowledge regarding design and product development. Cumulatively all of my experiences have given me a very well rounded perspective and skill set that brought GLITTERRINGS to life.

5.What the most challenging aspect of the business your in?

Singularly, the most challenging aspect would be staying competitive….in styling and price. In the costume jewelry world price value is paramount. With so many manufacturers and brands in the market all vying for the same customers, it is a critical to stay tuned into your customer’s needs for styling and price/value. Our particular challenge is price as we use higher than average materials. GLIITTERRINGS was founded on providing high quality fashion jewelry for an affordable price. I think of GLITTERRINGS as investment fashion jewelry – In the end this means that you will be able to wear GLIITERRINGS for many years, with proper care, versus tossing it after 3 wears because the plating wore off or the stones fell out. Educating our customers about the quality and workmanship of GLITTERRINGS is key to our success.

6.What makes your line different than other jewelry designers?

The design, quality and workmanship differentiate GLITTERRINGS from its competitors. We have designers all over the Globe working with us bringing new ideas and fresh points of view from Europe to Asia.

7.Who/what inspire your collection?

Anything and everything visual can serve as inspiration from nature and different cultures to architecture and furniture.

8.I see your jewelry line specializes in rings, do you think in the future you'll be expanding?

Yes! As a manufacturer we produce all classifications of jewelry and Have already started the line expansion with the introduction of the Princess jewelry collection inspired by Princess Kate.

9. Are there any celebrity sightings, found wearing your rings?

Not yet, but we will soon be announcing an exciting celebrity collaboration.

10. Are there any new and exciting pieces coming out for soon?

Yes. We have just introduced some amazing new styling in wood and also new designs in all jet black metal and stones – very dramatic and on trend! 2 Finger rings are still trending and we offer several of those as well.

Article: Jonesmagazine.com/Rings: glitterrings.com

This collection certainly boasts some unique styles such as the corset ring....I look forward to upcoming collections.