Jewelry: Silver Madness

When a look is a sparkling and imaginative exercise in different styles, you can't not applaud it. And silver is deserving of its own round of applause. This metal, which is never pretentious, knows how to reinvent itself elegantly.

Silver is used abundantly but is not excessive if reflects a project of style. Particularly this season, silver is transformed into a decorative complement that is elegant and goes perfectly with the clothing and accessories from the latest fashion shows.

The contrasting play of styles here is actually the strong point. The silver jewels blend in with the pleats and cubic shapes of the San Lorenzo necklace. Then the chic ethnic flavor of Anticoa is mixed with the contemporary snake bracelets by Giovanni Raspini. The spiral cuffs by Chiara Bcn, the Bones bracelets by Tiffany and bangles by Osanna Visconti di Modrone fill the arm completely almost as if emulating the styles worn by African women. The chains by Maria Cristina Sterling show their versatile side and take the place of the classic belt.

In this game of mix-and-match, there's no lack of that profoundly sensual feel that the silver brooch by Eandare brings to a jacket with lapels and silk ruches.