The Now Shape?

The ideal of female beauty is changing register. Or perhaps it never really changed. Confirming a renewed love for curves, for roundness, come the classifications.

Like the one that crowned J.Lo “The most beautiful woman in the world”. While the magazines are fighting over interviews with actresses who embody a curvy, Mediterranean beauty, like Monica Bellucci, castings of curvy models and competitions dedicated to “plus size” women are following one another. Can this finally be the sign of the decline of an only penitential fashion? If the eternal preference of men for a woman with curves were not to suffice, now there is also love towards oneself, a indefeasible feeling of wellbeing that every woman wishes to maintain and show the world.

And if Beyoncé or Rihanna are to be considered the emblems of sensuality, then everything becomes more clear. Homologated models? Strict regimes? Ideal sizes? Concepts to gather up and lock away into a wardrobe of the past. Beauty does not follow univocal models, but welcomes differences. That fashion interprets for a real woman.


My take? Diversity is always a beautiful thing!