Checking in with the Celebs

Every now and then I like to check in with the celebs to see what they're wearing on and off the Red Carpet. The assemblage includes many of my perennial favorites who always appear effortlessly chic.

Halle Berry.....the woman can do no wrong when it comes to fashion; of course it doesn't hurt that she is drop-dead-gorgeous!

Heidi Klum.......I love this dress on her, as well as her choice of Christian Louboutin shoes; the fact that they are a different color really adds an extra dose of chic.
Model Vanessa Webb's dress is absolutely resplendent! I love the shock of red with the metallic shoes. The only thing that I would do differently, is the hair. It's my opinion, that when wearing, a standout dress such as this, hair should be equally as beautiful.

America Ferrera......I love her in this dress, it really looks great on her. Not so sure about the earrings though.

Jay Z & Beyonce.......another of those ladies that can do no wrong when it comes to fashion, Beyonce is always on point. I love her look from head to toe.

Kate Beckinsale.........yet another of my favorite people; she is a vision from head to toe. The softly curled hair, beautifully draped dress and Christian Louboutin mary janes equals perfection!

June Ambrose.......ever stylish and chic, Stylist June Ambrose is always a do.

Zoe the dress and the color which really "pops" against her skin. Another great look.

Zoe Kravitz......I love, love, love this look on her! This is one of THE best head to toe looks that I've seen her wear. She looks sweet and chic.

Taylor Swift......another of my favorites; not only is she a great singer, but she really "knows her way around" fashion. I personally haven't seen a miss yet!

Ciara.......this dress is perfect for this gorgeous lady, as it looks perfect on her long and lean legs.

Scarlett Johansson.......she is everywhere lately and looking great! While she simply glows in this unique Armani Prive dress, her hair looks a bit "mature." With "so much going on" with the dress, I'm sure that she wanted to keep accessories and such understated, but I think she would look great with a simply bun on top.

Mary J. Blige.......Mary J. is another fashion maven who is always a do. This is another perfect look. Again, I must speak on hair, she is a pretty lady, but this is not the most flattering hairstyle. Bear in mind, that these comments are purely my opinion and I in no way mean to demean anyone. Apparently this is what she likes, as she has been wearing it this way for quite some time; I'm just giving my two cents.

David Beckham.......ah.....handsome David! In my book, he's another person who can do no wrong when it comes to style. He's ALWAYS gets it right!

Jennifer Lopez......Apparently this is the bun that has been buzzed about the last couple of days. I must say that I love it; not everyone can pull off such "big hair," but she certainly can! Jennifer knows what works for her which is evident by her stylish and chic fashion choices. she looks as though she stepped from the pages of a 60's issue of Vogue.

Nicole Richie.......this is a good look for her; it appears that this is a harem jumpsuit and I love it.

Vanessa Williams.......she is a vision in cobalt blue!

Victoria Beckham.......I usually like pretty much anything that she wears, but I'm lukewarm on this look. I always expect that kind of "pow-pow-bang" from her.

Gabrielle Union.......I like this look, kind of understated and sweet. I really love the shoes!

Jessica Alba.......she, as always, is perfect from head to toe; the statement necklace adds just the right touch. She is another perennial who knows what works for her and turns it into her own stylish look.

Estelle......this is a nice casual look, but I would love to see the entire boot!

Rene Zelleweger........Rene, Rene, I've said this before about her, while she always wears beautiful dresses and shoes, her hair usually appears a bit shaggy and unkempt. I would love to see her with a "fancy" updo and chandelier earrings. Again, this is purely my opinion.

Rashida Jones........I love the shoes, but the way that the pieces are put together makes her appear a bit "matronly" The top and skirt with a cropped jacket would offer a younger more fresh look.

Catherine Heigl.......I love the dress. The addition of the necklace and belt make it a great look.

Idris Elba.........another handsome man who falls into by David Beckham category. He looks great in anything that he wears!

Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow.......both look fabulous! I love Gwyneth's jacket and shorts; it's a nice take on the traditional suit.

Rachel Roy........While she is usually the epitome of chic, this look really does nothing for her. I can imagine that the event that she attended was of a conservative nature, so possibly that is the reason for her outfit choice, but it ages her.

Gwen Stefani and Kingston..........she and kingston are casually chic ! I really love her jacket.

Selita Ebanks........While I like the overall look, the shoes kind of throw things off a bit, at least for me. A nice bootie would make the look at little more "clean."

Kate Hudson........I believe she is attending a premiere, but whatever the occasion, I LOVE the Louis Vuitton cape!

Dr. Courtenay Chatman and Actor Michael Jai White.....I had to include them, as she looks like a gorgeous goddess! Talk about a perfect fit, that dress appears as though it was made especially for her.

Brooke the dress and even more the color! It's a good look on her.

Gayle King........Gayle is looking really good! It looks as though she as lost some weight. she is working that dress!

Kate Hudson.......I had to add this picture as well because I love the look. Of course the first thing that caught my eye is that beautiful fringe bag and the fact that it matches her elbow patches.

Toni Braxton........She is one of those people (like Halle Berry) who really, really looks great with short hair. Her look is simple, understated and chic.
Melissa Rycroft......this is another of my favorite casual looks; everything is in sync.

Kelly really can't tell if she wearing a mini or shorts, but I like what I can see of the look; nice bag.

Selma Blair and Kirsten Bell.......Selma's look kind of reminds me of Victoria Beckham's tux, just kind of blah. I do however, Like Kristen's dress

Brandy.........nice head to toe look.

Courtney Love......she looks great......This is one of the best pictures of her that I've seen in a long time!

Mya.......I'm liking her "rocker chick vibe."

Aisha Tyler......I love the dress, but Ithink it's the shoes that Kind of throw things off a bit. A strappy metallic or snakeskin would really give it a different look.

Miley Cyrus........Doing things her way; you have to admire that.

L.L. Cool J...........Nice casual look.

Chris Pine & Zachary Pinto........I like both looks, it appears that they actually put some thought into what they're wearing.

Kimora Lee and Kenzo.......what a cutie Kenzo is! I don't think that I've ever seen a picture of Kimora this casual. I can remember reading somewhere, years ago, that she said she always wears heels and didn't like flats. I have seen her in more flat sandals lately, I'm sure much to do with the fact that she has a young baby, coupled with the fact that after wearing nothing but heels for years, her feet need a break!